A spring start-up is the best way to get your lawn and landscape thriving again and ready for the summer heat. A quality start-up will consist of:

  • checking the backflow  device, charging the main line, and relieving the air from of the system
  • Testing the rain sensor
  • Reprogramming the controller for the current weather conditions and installing a fresh battery for back-up (if your controller requires)
  •  Inspecting the property for any coverage issues
  • A thorough inspection of all heads and drip irrigation for leaks

* A no obligation quote can be provided at this time at no extra charge to make any necessary repairs or improvements.


Irrigation Innovations makes reliable repairs and uses trusted products, most with a 5 year warranty. NOTE:Warranties become null and void if Irrigation Innovations does not start-up, maintain and winterize your sprinkler system. We perform:

  • head or valve repairs
  • controllers and sensors
  • irrigation well and pump troubleshooting
  • relocating heads or capping off unwanted heads
  • electrical troubleshooting
  • system redesigns and expansions



   Having an irrigation system designed and installed by our company will give you a water saving system designed to last. We offer 5 year warranties if the system is started up, maintained, and winterized by Irrigation Innovations. We will work with you on any budget, offering our premium system and, making modifications as needed, or we can install the system in phases. If you're going to invest in an irrigation system it should be efficient and have  the lowest operating costs possible.


     We also specialize in redesigning or adding to an existing system. Whether you want to improve your system, create a beautiful new landscaped area in your yard, or grow your own fruits and vegetables, we have a solution for you. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote today.



Signing up for a maintenance plan is the single best way to keep your sprinkler system running like a well oiled machine. Checking the system periodically will prevent some problems before they occur and can minimize the cost of repair if something does go wrong. We can offer customized plans to fit every budget from once a week, to 1 check in mid-summer. A benefit could be raising or moving a head before a perennial outgrows its spray. It's just like changing the oil in your car. If you keep up with maintenance, your irrigation system can last for many years.



  Irrigation Innovations guarantees your blowout, assuming the system was properly installed by a professional. Having your sprinkler system shut down by a licensed professional, not only ensures the blowout is done properly, but it allows you to focus your time on better things. Our blowouts start from $60.00 plus tax. Free up your Saturday or Sunday and call us for your irrigation blowout.

Irrigation Services

       An irrigation system, along with many other things in and around your home, should be maintained and serviced by a licensed professional to prolong the life of your system. While I am one to try and do things around the house myself to "save a buck", there are some things I leave to a pro. Protecting your family from harmful chemicals that can cross contaminate your drinking water and preserving our resources are just 2 reasons among others. Our company offers the following quality services:

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